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“Whats your frequency”

Body Tune Plus offers frequency infused jewelry and products designed to harmonize the bio energy in our bodies by eliminating high energy electronic interference.We metaphysically infuse several specific frequencies into our products. That`s why some of our clients feel relief in different areas than others do. Once it is infused it is permanent. We are proud to offer you and your bodies health, what we consider to be the highest level of quality available.

We consider Body Tune Plus to be the Pinnacle of energy products on the market today. We know you will feel the same way too, once you try our products.

How it works:

Most frequencies we encounter are called (EMF`s) Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are generated by computers,televisions,power lines, microwaves,cell phones, ect. They cause us to feel tired and weak by disrupting our natural energy flow. By replacing bad frequency with ” good frequency”, we allow our body and cells to act at optimum performance creating a positive effect on our bio energy.


People that have bought our products have reported that they have felt pain relief, less fatigue, better balance, reduced swelling, better sleep, better range of motion, more energy, ect.


I purchased a ring at the Tulsa Boat and Travel show, last weekend.It has really stopped the pain I was having in my hand.

Teresa G. Tulsa,OK

We have Dealer opportunities now available. Email us @ bodytuneplus@gmail.com